Doğanın Renklerini Dokuyoruz !

Gozek was introduced to weaving looms at the age of seven. Textiles was his family’s profession since the 1930s, and he learned all the subtleties of the textile business as he grew into a young man. With a family background and a serious interest in textile science, Vahit completed his undergraduate and graduate education in the field of chemistry. He graduated from Istanbul Technical University with honors as a Chemical Engineer and started his career in Turkey’s best textile companies.

After gaining experience in these organizations, he began to concentrate on different commercial activities in the textile industry with a focus on the import of textile dyes. In 1982 he established Kimtex in the Adana region in order to fill the gap he saw in textile dyeing. He planned and executed the construction of the facilities and the assembly of the machines. Proving that big things can be done with small capital, Gozek inspired the establishment of many local factories and facilities that are still actively producing today. His technical skills, regard for the craft and professional ethics are appreciated by worldwide partners since the mill’s inception.

The driving force is a fashion in our job. We care about how people feel once they touch the fabric rather than the mechanics of the weaving. The main objective of Kimtex design team is to enable the people to feel “trendy and comfortable”.

Trend Fabrics

We obtain ‘trendy and comfortable’ fabrics with the color, design, texture, ‘mixture and finish’ techniques of the fabric we have by the fashion trends of the season.




Protecting the nature and environment is a permanent responsibility of us. Being aware of this responsibility, we should focus on the fact that we are a part of a bigger picture beyond the problems, needs and demands of our present day.