For Environment


We believe in environment, nature.

We throw all practices which will further worsen the climate crisis that is getting deep with the environmental and nature massacres out of our life.


We do not produce products with the materials which cannot be recycled.

We are promoting the organic agriculture.

We are not engaging in any production activity which will lead to water pollution.

We are utilizing from the clean solar energy, we are doing the necessary activities in order to zero our carbon footprint.

We are making great investments in R&D and sustainability fields.

We get inspired from the green of the nature, we are taking measures in order to preserve the nature.

Well, what kind of measures did we take?

We are proud of implementing the Green Deal prior to the climate contract and telling that every product we produced is environmentally friendly.

We have covered the roof of our plant with solar panels, a large part of the energy we consumed is consisted of green energy.

We are producing with the recycled products, we are avoiding of producing more waste materials.

We do not use hazardous chemicals for the environment; we do not cooperate with the corporations using hazardous chemicals.

We are using the production tools and illuminating devices consuming low energy in our plant.

We allocate the large part of our R&D budget for the sustainability operations.

We love the World; we get excited for the future.


Chemical Management

Healthy production, clean nature
We have been acting with an awareness regarding that an healthy production cannot be realized without a healthy nature, as from the establishment of our company. We are using ecofriendly chemicals while producing. We are using technologies which will minimize our waste waters and we are contributing into the safe conversion. We support the ecological cycle.

Water / Wastewater

We protect the water, we protect the life.
We do not use the hazardous chemicals for the environment. We are pulling all the stops out in order to minimize the waste water amount while developing new products. We do not neglect protecting tomorrow while producing today.


Maximum production, minimum consumption!
We are using eco friendly energies in our productions; we are taking measures in order to minimize the energy consumption. We equip our production facilities with the production tools consuming minimum energy. We regularly remind our employees to use the energy efficiently; we aim that our employees will eliminate the waste of energy in their private life, not only in the place of work.

Cleaner Production

People who feel excited for tomorrow live today neatly. We have never looked for saving the day as from the day when our company was founded. We have always produced by planning tomorrow, we have built neat todays. We are making clean production through the policies we adopted such as preferring the sustainable energy sources, keeping the nature clean while producing and selecting organic raw materials.

Circular Economy and Recycling

We believe in recycling, we do not bring irreversible damages. As Kimtex, we fulfill all responsibilities falling on our share, we produce with the raw materials that are suitable for recycling, we reject all short term gains which will damage our economy in the long term. We believe that the economic sustainability will realize through recycling.