R&D system of Kimtex is designed and managed like an independent plant due to its personnel number and total investment amount.

A substantial investment has been made into R&D machinery and equipment for the purpose of carrying out works in any field of the production.

R&D teams of every department are continuously in an innovative effort in their fields. We have developed a plant system within the plant in R&D field in order to catch the farthest point in the innovation. Accordingly, R&D is being managed within the scope of the local decision making mechanisms of each department, rather than being managed by a central system.

We produce more than 8.000 hand templates per year.

We produce more than 1.600 specimens per year.

These figures are the highest ones reached in the world weaving industry today.

We are ready to respond all and any innovation demands of our solution partners in terms of quantity and diversity through the qualified and quantitative R&D power we have achieved.

All recipes for exhaust and continue dyeing are prepared in the chemistry laboratory. Dye stuff and chemical raw materials to be used in the dyehouse are checked. Color originals requested by the customer are studied in the desired quality according to the original standard, and submitted for approval by making use of the spectrophotometer and light box.

Various analysis are also carried out in chemistry laboratory for support purposes in the dyehouse and finishing mill.

Chemical lab is able to conduct all dyeing as reactive, disperse, acid… etc. The machines being used in the chemical lab are; eco dyer, robot doser, foulard machine, fixation machine, and other appliances such as oven, PH meter, etc.


Eco Dyer machine is an electric heat conducting type laboratory dyeing machine. It is used for exhaust dyeing method.


In order to obtain the right color in the dyehouse, this machine ensures that the correct recipe is taken with the automatic dosing system.


Foulard is a machine that is required in all stages of textile finishing. It is used to evenly apply a flotte to fabric. In addition to dyeing, it is also used for impregnation and other finishing processes.


All drying and fixation processes are conducted in required temperatures with the fixation machine.