The speed at which fashion changes: the speed at which we work today.

Every new day is a new product for us.

We work like the R&D department of our business partners.

We make sure they stay fast, new and original.

We produce about 1,600 series of samples per year. We support the Fast-Fashion concept with our high standard production.

We lead the fashion and trends together with our business partners.


As Kimtex ;

Cotton , Cotton /Pes, Cotton /Pes/EA

%100 Pes, Pes/Vis, Pes/Vis/EA

Cotton/ Vis/EA

%100 Keten, Keten/Cotton ,

Hemp, Hemp/Cotton

Tencel, Tencel Cotton

We use state-of-the-art modern machines that can produce a wide range of products with 100% Nylon and its blends. We can produce complex fabrics such as 2-, 3- and 4-fibre blends.

We offer a rich finishing opportunity with qualified techniques such as yarn dyeing, jet dyeing, plain dyeing and fiber dyeing methods. Every fabric produced can be shipped after providing the test values in our world-class laboratories. Our fibers include: Cotton, Cotton/Pes, Cotton/Pes/El, 100% Poly, Poly/Vis, Poly/Vis/El, Cotton/ Vis/El, 100% Linen, Linen/Cotton, Hemp, Hemp/Cotton, Tencel, Tencel Cotton

As Kimtex Team, our top priority is satisfaction and comfort of the end users . This is our company quality vision.

We know that physical performance of the fabric is as important as color, appearance or handfeel.

We are aware that each test we perform will provide for our customer’s comfort.

Every  fabric batches  are  tested according to the ISO methods or ASTM methods by the calibrated test equipments in our internal lab.

Here are the color fastness and physical tests that we perform;

Dimensional Stability To Washing
General Appearance After Laundering
Dimensional Stability To Steaming
Fabric Skewness
Colorfastness To Crocking
Colorfastness To Laundering
Colorfastness To Perspiration
Colorfastness To Water
Tensile Strength
Tear Strength
Seam Slippage
Pilling Resistance – Random Tumble
Martindale Pilling
Box Pilling
Abrasion Resistance
Fabric Stretch
Fabric Growth & Recovery
Fabric Weight