New Collection

2022 Spring/Summer

We prepare macro capsule collections twice a year, and micro capsule collections specific to the markets and customer needs, 8-10 per year. Our macro collections represent the current trend in fabrics, patterns and colors that will establish the fashion in the coming seasons. This collection is a projection of the fashion and color movement that has not yet been formed. The micro capsule collections on the other hand, are specific collections prepared in line with the seasonal needs of our markets in different continents and climatic conditions. They are also collections created for fast developing and changing clothing trends.

The Design and Product Development team follows the world trends closely, combines knowledge with technology, creativity and innovation and prepares collections that meet customer demands and future fashion trends. Designs and color combinations are made in a computer aided design program, displayed instantly and presented to customers in the digital environment.

Being aware of the importance of time, Kimtex Textile is also a Design Center with its capacity to design approximately 4000 handlooms and 1600 samples per year with its dynamic team and technological infrastructure. All our handlooms are woven in automatic warping and weaving machines to represent the original production fabric without any defect.

We try new fibers, blends, yarns and methods every day, with our R&D department always focused on the newest ideas. With our R&D budget increasing every year, we are working to deliver the newest designs and the most up to date trends to our customers. Thanks to the environmentally friendly practices of our company, which is a pioneer on sustainability, we send our products all over the world with peace of mind.

Kimtex is always moving forward. We find what is next and produce with our quality. We establish fashion.