Greige Control

Dyeing Control

Testing Laboratory

Final Control


LOVE: 1 st Criteria

We have to love the fabric before we send it, to make sure that the customer loves the garment for the first time she buys it, and after many times she wears it.

We know that Kimtex has a great responsibility with these 2 factors as the fabric side of the product, and we evaluate our fabrics in this way before sending it form our hands..

What we want is much far away than industry standards, which is the closest point to perfection.

Zero Problem Policy:

We do not want you to face any quality problem coming from the fabric side:
We had no quality problems coming from the end users in over last 10 years.

We do not want you to face any problem during the garment production:
Kimtex is the industry leader worldwide in giving the best quality performance during garment production stage.