Fair Trade

1. We are keeping our promises:

We do not sell your designs & fabrics to your competitors in the same market, if there is an agreement. By this way, we are trying our best on fabric side to help you for protecting & improving your competition level among our competitors, while she will not find the same material in any other brand in the market.

2. We do not Decrease & Cheapen the quality:

Many mills takes it as a standard procedure to change the input, processes, and the product to get extra profits during the program.. We know that, most regular quality control procedures can not analyze many small hidden details which may decrease the cost of the fabric, which also decreases the marketing & long term quality performance of the fabric and garment.

At Kimtex, we do the opposite! We continuously upgrade the fabrics with our own expense. We invest in the long run, while others try to win in the short run.

In any case,

1. We are not going to cheapen the quality, because not only for our solution partner, We do not want to harm Kimtex, in which Kimtex has the best reputation in Fabric world for being the best program fabric producer - Whatever fabric we sell, the related garment sells well in the store.

2. We do not want to shorten the life of any fabric program running at our solution partners, and we do not want to let a failure happening because of a Kimtex fabric.

3. For the Long Term strategic positioning of our solution partners, we also feel a deep responsibility. We want to play a Silent but vital role on this strategic positioning of your woven garment business, by the quality&performance promise of the garment, which is directly related with the quality & performance promise of fabric.